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Research activity

The activity of the Dental Biomaterials Laboratory (DeBioLab) is one of the main aspects of the teaching & research program of the Dental Clinic of the University of Trieste. The laboratory is equipped with new and innovative instrumentations and technologies to investigate and characterize polymeric-, metal- and ceramic-based biomaterials. This is a very suitable place for all students of the Dental School and of the Dental Hygiene School to prepare the experimental part of their final thesis.

The daily activity of researchers, Post-graduate, Master and graduates students results in the publication of different research studies every year in prestigious peer-reviewed international scientific journals.

The researches conducted in the laboratory represent an important aspect of the curriculum vitae of the students of the Dental School. Important collaboration with prestigious Universities are currently ongoing.

Many consultancies have been done for the major international companies operating in the dental materials field. Collaborations rely on the characterization of innovative materials, before the market incoming.

Instrumentation present in the Dental Biomaterials Laboratory

Mechanical characterization:
Universal testing machine (Sun 500, Galdabini)
Microhardness testing machine Vickers (VMHT MOT, Leica)
Microshear test
Microtensile test

Chemical characterization:
Differential scanning calorimetry – DSC (Q10, TA instrument)

Topographic characterization of surfaces:
Atomic force microscopy – AFM (Perception, Assing)
Profilometer (Talysurf CLI 1000, Taylor Hobson)

Scanning electron microscope (SEM FEI Quanta-200)
Transmission and reflection microscope (DMR, Leica)
Near field scanning optical microscope– SNOM (Perception, Assing)
Stereo microscope (MZ16, Leica)

Other characterization instruments:
Colorimeter (Miniscan XE plus, Hunterlab)
Contact angle meter
Fluorimeter (Orion 4 star, Thermo)
pH meter (Orion 4 star, Thermo)

Materials aging:
Dual-Axis chewing simulator (CS-4.2, SD Mechatronik)
Thermocycler (HAAKE W15, Willytec)
Incubator (Binder)

Materials preparation:
Lapping machine (LS2, Remet)
Microtome (Micromet, Remet)